Participation Programme


The Participation Programme is one of the means employed by UNESCO(United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) to achieve its objectives, through participation in activities carried out by Member States or Associate Members, or by territories, organizations or institutions in its field of competence. Although, UNESCO is not a funding agency, subsidies can be granted every two years (biennium). St. Maarten, like the other Member States or Associate members of UNESCO, can submit a maximum of seven (7) projects to UNESCO for funding.

A maximum amount of US $ 26.000 is awarded for national projects, whilst a maximum amount of US $ 35.000 is awarded for (sub-) regional and interregional projects. Funds can also be given for fellowships (study grants), which are specially tailored training which are designed to give qualified persons practicing or intending to practice a profession in the field of the UNESCO programme priorities an opportunity to receive additional and practical training.

Departments of Government, NGOs or individuals can submit projects that:

  • Promote UNESCO priorities such as: youth, gender equality, Small Island Developing  States (SIDS);
  • Promote the culture for peace, justice, respect and tolerance; foster culture diversity and intercultural dialogue which contribute to the principles of UNESCO;
  • Relate to UNESCO’s mandate and fields of competence: education, culture, the sciences (natural, technical and social sciences), and communication and information
  • Encourage attaining quality education for all and lifelong learning;
  • Support mobilizing science knowledge and policy for sustainable development;
  • Address emerging social and ethical challenges;
  • Promote building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication;
  • Projects requesting the following can also be submitted:
    • Fellowships (study grants) for specialist study;
    • Publications, periodicals and documentation;
    • The service of specialists and consultants;
    • Conferences and meetings, seminars and training courses;
    • Activities in emergency and disaster situations     

Persons interested in receiving an UNESCO application form and further guidelines please contact:

Marcellia Henry, Secretary General for UNESCO

Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports

Support Bureau

John Smith Building, Backstreet #49, Unit 2,

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Cell: (721) 5203051