10 Mar 2017

The Sint Maarten National Commission for UNESCO would like to congratulate Mr. Denicio Wyatte and Spaceless Gardens for organizing a wonderful Agri-Cultural Festival on Feb. 26, 2017. The event highlighted the importance of celebrating and investing in agriculture and culture on St. Maarten.

Spaceless Gardens believes it’s essential to create and execute community-orientated projects that would stimulate the Agricultural \ Cultural Awareness, encourage skill enhancement \ job employment, increase social \ human interaction, stimulate health adjustments and increase the buying and spending power of the surrounding communities through Education and Practice.

UNESCO was proud to be a sponsor of this event via the Participation Programme.

The Sint Maarten National Commission for UNESCO applaud this initiative which helps to keep this aspect of St. Maarten’s cultural heritage alive!


http://stmaartenagriculture.com/agricultural-festival-set-feb-26-2017-st-peters-community-center/    (online article)

https://721news.com/top-story/spaceless-gardens-agricultural-music-festival-feb-26/   (online article)

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